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3          Match 1−10 with A−J.


1  If you use it too much                               A  if it’s too far.

2  If the weather’s too hot                            B  you’ll need to ask someone for help.

3  I’ll be so unhappy                                    C  we won’t go running.

4  You’ll find one easily                                D  we’ll get a job.

5  If you get lost in town                              E  if you play tennis twice a week.

6  You’ll get quite fit                                    F  if I don’t come.

7  If we spend all our money                         G  it’ll cost a lot of money.

8  If he phones me                                       H  if you go to the shop on the corner.

9  I won’t walk                                             I  if I don’t pass my exam.

10  Nobody will mind                                    J  I’ll be so pleased.


4          Complete these sentences with one word beginning with the letter given.


1          A p_________ is saying what you think will happen in the future.

2          When a computer suddenly stops working, it c__________ .

3          A c__________ tower directs flights into and out of an airport.

4          An a__________ is bigger than a car and takes sick people to hospital.

5          A l__________ is made of wood or metal and we use it to get to high places.

6          We say a house is h__________ when we think it might have ghosts.

7          A t__________ is a long, dark place we make under the ground.

8          A k__________ is a small thing we press or turn to control a machine.

9          Being c__________ means feeling sure of yourself.

10        When a plane l__________ , it comes down to the ground.

5          Match 1−10 with A−J, then complete the sentences with the correct expression.


1          down-                                                A         you

2          lucky                                                  B         no notice

3          keep                                                   C         a lift

4          take                                                    D         number

5          fancy dress                                         E         wood

6          registration                                         F          off

7          give someone                                     G         charm

8          Touch                                                 H         to-earth

9          take                                                    I          ball

10        up to                                                   J          in touch


1          Every car has a different __________ to identify it and the owner.

2          __________ that won’t happen again. It was nasty.

3          The school had a __________ for the students who were leaving.

4          My parents often __________ in their car because there aren’t many buses.

5          Friends often promise to ­_________ but don’t always do so.

6          I like people who are __________ because they’re practical and realistic.

7          The plane will __________ an hour late because of bad weather.

8          If people bother you, just __________ .

9          You must decide. It’s __________ .

10        Some people wear a __________ to help things go well for them.
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